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Okay…so being a middle class, child free, white, heterosexual (the most persecuted of all of the ‘classes’…if Bill O’Reilly is to be believed), one of the most pressing topics of my generation, and my ‘people’, is the ethical treatment of animals, especially when it comes to human consumption of all things feathered, hoofed or gilled (not grilled…a little joke there). Indeed, it is ethical consumption that has plagued my people for tens of years;  largely because we are the only class in the animal kingdom that has the time, money and resources to ponder such ethical dilemmas. As the physical daily fight for survival is no longer an issue for my people, we have the time and energy to invest in fighting the new threats to humanity; conservatives; religious zealots/terrorists, bad drivers and finding a public library that is actually quiet… Okay, so that last point is a little artistic […]