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Am I an introvert?

Here at Introversion By Leisha we believe in the power of the introverted mind and it’s untapped potential in this world. As such, we believe in providing a space for the introverted mind to flourish; to share ideas and to inspire one another.

In this increasingly fast paced, technologically advanced world it’s easy for the introverted mind to become overwhelmed and overstimulated; to feel it doesn’t belong in this world; and also to feel it is alone in its isolation and it’s inability to ‘fit in’ with what seems to be so natural for everyone else.

At Introversion By Leisha we aspire to create a space for the introverted mind to take some time out and relax; to recharge and to achieve some clarity. Also to share ideas and information with some likeminded souls.

In short, we aspire to create a space for introverts in an extroverted world.

So, please, take some time out of your busy schedule, grab your favorite cup of something, sit back, relax and enjoy this site. After all, it’s been designed specifically with you in mind.

Thank’s for visiting and, if you haven’t already, take some time today just for you.

Leisha Young, Director